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Last year I found myself in a difficult situation. I had lost my job due to corporate downsizing. Although I regained employment at a new company, it was not at the same salary level that I enjoyed before. I found the monthly bills including my mortgage payment to be overwhelming. All I wanted to do was sell my house, move into a more affordable place and protect my credit. I did not want to pay a Realtor a commission and wait 3-6 months for my house to close. I was not sure what to do when I called Pensacola Home Buyers ad in the yellow pages. They came out to my house and explained that they would make my payments and protect my credit until the house was sold. I was a little nervous about trusting them to make my payment and make it on time every month but that is exactly what they did! Now less than 9 months later I hold a certificate from my bank that states my loan is paid off in full. Pensacola Home Buyers did exactly as they promised and my future looks brighter.
Jeanette Todd
Pensacola, FL

We had a conditional offer on a property, when the vendors were offered another contract. We had three days to confirm our contract or lose the new house! Just when we felt that it was not going to happen, we had the pleasure of meeting Dorien and Rineke Forster. They made us an unconditional offer on our property, but allowed us to keep marketing it for a higher price. This worked well and we were able to sell our property for a higher price and paid what we felt was a very reasonable fee to Dorien and Rineke to cancel the contract we had with them. We did have some apprehensions. It all seemed so easy! But I can assure anyone who is thinking of dealing with Dorien and Rineke, that there are no hidden problems or costs. Everything is up front and extremely professional. For us the whole system was win/win, and we are looking forward to moving to our new property, which without Dorien and Rinke would not have been possible. Thank you both it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Debbie and Bob Hudson
Wainuiomata, Wellington, WI

I would like to say that by going through Home Buyers Ltd this enabled me to move to Tauranga in December as I had put my house on the market and it had not sold by the time that I was wanting to move up here. This was beneficial to me in the long run as I was wanting to start my own business up here. By using the leasing scheme this enabled by to keep my mortgage so I could start a business and not have to be a 1st homebuyer when I could buy a house once the business was running. It has also been of help to me when I wanted to know if I could get a loan to buy a business so that has worked in ways for me that I could have had some difficulties.
Marianna Zajkowski
Stokes Valley, Wellington, WI

I have recently gone through the stress of trying to sell my home, during which time a number of contracts had been accepted but not concluded, adding to my already stressed state. Then along came a shining light, Dorien Forster of Home Buyers Ltd. Two possible purchasers were contacted and met by Dorien and then things started to happen on a positve note. I was kept informed throughout the whole finance process and in a short while I had an unconditional offer on my property. What a relief this was to hear it was finally sold and all credit must go to Dorien for the determination and effort she put in to achieve such a grat result. This is Dorien to a tee- all avenues covered and nothing left to chance, and extrememly positive and cheery person willing to to the extra mile and her services were invaluable. Thank you for a great result.
John and Marilyn Simpson
Stokes Valley ,Wellington, WI

We attempted to sell our home but the market had made it very difficult for us to get the price we needed to just pay off our mortgage. When Rineke and Dorien approached our Real Estate agent with an offer from a very interested party we could't believe our fortune. After meeting with them, they walked us through their company's procedures it seemed too good to be true. It meant hat we didn't have to concern ourselves with ANYTHING but sign on the dotted line. I highly recommend Home Buyers to any person who wishes to purchase or sell a property. They are professional and easy going which made us feel at ease.
Mike and Ronnie Nuku
Wainuiomata, Wellington, WI

We had our property in Wainuiomata on the market and rented out for some months. The tenants were not looking after property and it was costing us tiem and money. Dorien and Rineke approached us and asked for one month. To our amazement they did what no Real Estate agent could do. They got us a buyer in less than one month. Dorien and Rineke are awesome. They are very professional and honest and worked very hard for us. We have not hesitation in recommmending them to everyone. Great company, wonderful people. Thanks Dorien and Rineke
Esther and Alan Pilcher
Carterton, Wairarapa, WI

To whom it may concern When I met Dorien and Rineke I had an investment property that needed repairs I could not cope with. I had been marketing the property for several months and I was really worried about how I was going to make more mortgage payments. The tenants were moving out and I could not entice more to come in. Dorien and Rineke took over my house including ALL payments, and I no longer have to worry. They did some repairs and have been totally honest with me as to what they intend to do with my property as far as on-selling it to private buyers. I feel comfortable that my payments are being met, as they send me copies of the bank statements, and receipts for rates and insurance payments. I am aware that they are running a business and therefore making a profit out of their efforts. I am more than happy with this as they are also doing me a good and fair deal and have relieved me of a lot of stress and worry. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone else who is in my predicament and considering doing business with them.
Graeme Turnbull
Naenae, Wellington, WI

To Whom It May Concern:


“PPS was contacted by myself, Ben Smith, concerning my property at 107 Sasportas Lane.  I needed to sell this property fast.  These guys know how business gets done.  They were fast.  They kept their word.  7 days closing time was discussed and was kept.  Thanks for a job well done.”


Ben Smith



B. Smith
Summerville, SC

They were very fair and treated my situation with respect. It was a flawless transaction just like they said it would be. I would certainly do business with them again if given the chance!!
Charleston, SC

Dear Mr. Richman,

After a serious motorcycle accident, I was having many problems. Everyone who looked at my home wanted to take advantage of my situation.

You were not only fair, but expedient in the buying process. You helped me get back on my feet and on with my life.

Thanks for the helping hand!
William B
Delray Beach, FL

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