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I never realized selling my house could be so easy! Less than a week after I saw your sign on the back of a bus, you completed the purchase of my home for the amount I was asking.
Shirley W.
St. Petersburg, FL

Dear Jeffrey,

Chad and I wanted to take this moment to thank you for all of your help with the sale of our home.

When I received word that I would be transferring to Illinois in less than one month for my promotion, well, we were scared. I didn't want to be apart from my family.

We thought about selling the house on our own, but we didn't know how long that would take and we had no equity in the house or money to pay a Realtor out of pocket.

There was no way we could afford two payments for even one month! If I didn't move, I would lose the promotion and possibly my future with the company that I worked for. Chad would have no problem getting a new police job where we were going since he worked in a "big city". What to do?

Chad had heard about you through the Branch Manager of our bank. We talked about it and decided to call you. We were overwhelmed with worry about relocating, taking care of our family: the potential costs for everything, and to top it off, selling our home.

You listened to everything that we said and on the phone assured us that you could help. The fact that you came to our home the next day and explained everything to us in plain English made us feel comfortable right away.

We finished all the paperwork that afternoon and we could stay until the day we had to move.

Working with you was not only easier, but also quicker than anything we could have imagined.

We will definitely be recommending your service. Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough. We look forward to your help once we're settled in Illinois. Thanks again!
Paula and Chad R
Coconut Creek, FL

To: Mr. Jeffrey Richman

I just want to thank you with buying our house so quickly, and keeping your word on everything you told us. Because of the quick sale we were able to buy the other house we wanted, before it sold.

I also appreciate the professional help and advice that you gave us with the contract on the purchase of our new home, and hooking us up with a title company, etc.

This has been the quickest and smoothest transaction that we have ever had in buying and selling a home, and we have done this five other times.

Working with you has been a pleasure and a professional experience, and we will definitely recommend your services to our friends.

Thanks again,
Keith & Mary Jo R
Coconut Creek, FL

Dear Mr. Richman,

This is a letter to say "thank you" for your help and quickness in helping us sell our property.

After 5 weeks of dealing with another company who did not do anything to help us out all they did was delay us.

After only one phone call you have been there for us doing what you said you would.

Again thank you is not enough to express our gratitude.
Karen and Joel H
Pompano Beach, FL

Dear Jeff,

I wanted to write you to let you know how much my husband and I appreciate the timely help that you have given us in the sale of our home.

Although we loved our new house, the fact that I became very ill and had to go on disability made it impossible for us to keep it. The heavy financial burden we were under and the fact that we had no equity in the house made it impossible for us to sell it in the conventional manner.

The service that you and your company afforded to us came just in the "nick of time"! It helped us to avoid having our house foreclosed on and possible bankruptcy, which would have ruined our credit.

The timely manner and the kind consideration that you showed us was a true blessing!

Words alone cannot express the relief we felt when we finally completed the paperwork and were able to move into an affordable apartment.

The incredible stress we were under was certainly not helping my health either. Since we have moved my health is actually improving!

Again, thank you and your company for the truly great service that you provided to us.

God Bless YOU!
C. and K. T.
Sunrise, FL

To whom it may concern:

I would like to thank your company for assisting my family in the buying of our home. The stress of having to leave our home while sick was bad.

But the ease and thoughtfulness your company and representative did was great.
I would recommend you to any friend in need.

Thank you for a job well done.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. W
Pompano Beach, FL

I was in foreclosure and I filed for Chapter 13, big mistake by the way. When I couldn't keep up with my Chapter 13 payments I came to All Cash Homebuyers. They helped me get rid of my headache and now I am looking at a fresh start.
J. Ortiz
Chicago, IL

I am a police officer. After getting out of the Navy I bought a condominium and two years later I got married. We decided to move to Arizona looking for the nice weather. Mr. Martinez bought our condo and we got the money we needed for the down payment for our new house. Everyone at All CAsh Homebuyers is very friendly, understanding, and reliable. We highly recommend them.
Jason Nelson
Chicago, IL

I live in Long Beach, New York, and I owned a building in Chicago. Last year, I found myself in the need for funds for the publication of two of my books. Luckily, this property was next to one owned by Juan Martinez. After trying different avenues, I called Juan and he agreed to pay cash for my property. It just never crossed my mind that I would sell my building over the phone that day. The whole process was very short and simple. I didn't even have to go to Chicago for the closing. Now that's outstanding service!
Dr. Felix P.
Chicago, IL

After my divorce and no house payments for almost a year, I was hopeless and I thought I'd be evicted out of my own home. Thanks to ALL CASH HOMEBUYERS the foreclosure was stopped. I was able to stay until I found a new place and I also got some moving money. I really thought nobody would help me because I had very little equity in my house. I am so glad I got over my skepticism and called them.
Hugo Manjarrez
Summit, IL

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