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We don’t know what we would have done without you bailing us out. We surely would have surely lost our house to foreclosure without you.
Rob & Cheryl P.
Medina, OH

My husband and I are active duty military and recieved orders out of the country. We needed to sell our house without all the hassles of real estate agents. We also needed to sell quickly. Gulf Coast House Buyers,LLC handled EVERYTHING. All we had to do was sign some paperwork and they did the rest. Thank you so much! I highly recomend contacting them for assistance in selling your house.
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson
Gulfport, MS

To Pensacola Home Buyers: Hi! My husband and I would like to thank you for helping us get out of a bad situation. We were having bad money problems and you were a lifesaver. If it wasn’t for Ya’lls Company we would have been in trouble. Mr. Mark Struck was very friendly and very helpful in solving our problems. He was very fast getting everything taken care of and with no hassles. Sincerely,
Ed & Michelle Morio
Milton, FL

A testimony letter to Gulf Coast House Buyers,LLC. I Betty Lampton Wright was and is saved by the purchase of my home going into foreclosure. Gulf Coast House Buyers,LLC helped me a lot by giving me debt relief and is now helping to repair my credit. My contact was Matt Wells.
Betty Lampton Wright
Moss Point, MS

I was very pleased with the fast and courteous service that you provided to me and my family. It was unbelievable how easy it was to do business with you. I never thought it would be so fast to complete all the necessary paperwork and finalization to complete the transaction on selling my house. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is planning on selling real estate. Thank you Again!
Richard Gasparik
Pace, FL

I contacted Gulf Coast House Buyers, LLC about my house. My house was in need of much work and was going to be hard to sell on the open market. Once I spoke to Tammy she presented me with an offer and within 1 months time my house was renovated and sold. No other solution would have gotten my house sold as quickly. Thanks again Tammy.
Sandy Weymouth
D'Iberville, MS

We are very pleased with the services recieved from Gulf Coast House Buyers,LLC. We noticed their office on Dedeaux Road, walked in and spoke to Matt, he immediately stoped what he was doing and followed us to the house. A few days later the house was SOLD!! We would recomend them to all of our friends and relatives. Thanks Matt.
Carlos & Kim Meador
Gulfport, MS

Thank you so much for buying my house. It feels as if a weight of huge proportions was lifted off my chest. My situation without your help could have left me and my family on the street, but you bent over backwards to help me with absolutely everything. Your help was very much appreciated. Thanks so much.

J Greer
Overland, MO

As I write this letter it is important that you know that I am one of the worlds biggest skeptics. My life experiences have been many. I was not in a position to keep my house and it was two weeks from foreclosure. Dan and Jackie were very up front with what they could do for me. The goal was  to sell the house and hopefully let me start to rebuild my credit instead of having it reflect a foreclosure. I must admit that I was a little nervous entering into a deal involving my house and total strangers, but what did I have to lose. All during the process Dan and Jackie kept me well informed about what was going on. They paid to get the house out of foreclosure and worked with the financial institutions that held the mortgages. Within seven weeks the house was sold and I was on my way to repairing the rest of my financial life. My relationship with Dan and Jackie has allowed me the chance to correct my financial situation.  They have made a great impact on part of my life. At present my children and I are very happy rebuilding our lives.

S. Williams
Kirkwood, MO

Thank you for helping me with my home. I was in the process of loosing my home, and owing money to all my lenders. I would still owe money on a property I no longer owned if it wasn't for your help. You stopped my foreclosure, convinced the lender to take a discount, and got me cash back after closing by buying the personal property I was going to leave behind. You put $1,200.00 in my pocket. You did everything you promised and more! IF I ever hear of any one else in the same situation, I will tell them about you.
Pam J.
Burlington, NC

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