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Dear Larry and Sharon:

I found myself in a bind due to living overseas, going through a government furlough when my pay was cut drastically, my tenants moving out, and discovering there were some expensive renovations that needed to be done to my property back in Clearwater, Florida. That is when a friend referred me to Sharon and John Gaskin of Sunset Property Solutions LLC. They discussed with me what some of my opinions were regarding this property that I no longer wanted anything to do with. They deferred my foreclosure, got a tenant in my house, and made the many necessary renovations to include all code violations that suddenly appeared out of nowhere when I no longer could afford to make my mortgage payments. They worked with a firm, Sell Fast Realty, to Short Sale my house which led to me being able to walk away form the property without owing the mortgage companies (I had 2 mortgages) anything. Sharon readily answered any questions I had, explained the documents to me, and facilitated the speedy return of the time sensitive documents that had to be signed and notarized. I feel that Sunset Property Solutions really looked out for my best interest. Short Selling a house is a difficult process and Sunset Property Solutions worked hard to make it effortless for me. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking at a foreclosure or who is interested in Short Selling their property. They were a pleasure to work with and I am forever in their debt for how they helped me during this difficult time. 

I wish you all the best! Continue doing a great job and helping other like me!

Deborah Timperio
Clearwater, FL

We were highly satisfied and impressed. 
Theodis and Elizabeth
Sanford, FL

I would like to say that Fred is truly a trustworthy individual that you can count on what he tells you to be true. Fred bought my house and made it possible for my fiance' to move to Texas with me much more quickly than we had thought would be possible. If you have any doubts at all about doing business with Fred, don't is all I can tell you (meaning don't have any doubts). 

Melissa G.

Melissa G
Port Richey, FL

Chicago Mutual Real Estate Group bought my house in 2 weeks. Fantastic speedy service.
Chicago, IL

Russell did whatever it took to get my house sold. There were so many obstacles from selling, and he came thru after every obstacle. Thanks so much!!
Chicago, IL

Chicago Mutual Real Estate Group helped me avoid foreclosure and saved me from ruining my credit.

Chicago, IL

Russell and Chicago Mutual Real Estate Group helped me sell my house fast. Fantastic service.
Chicago, IL

Thanks for visiting the Testimonial page.

Recently, we decided to remove the customer testimonials due to privacy concerns of our clients. We highly respect and protect the privacy of our customers and those who use our website and services.

We know that many people are extremely overjoyed about selling their property.
However, there are a few individuals that no longer wish to publicly display their personal photos, letters, and real estate transactions. Therefore, at this time we will no longer publish our list of testimonials.

We are happy to be of service to everyone and look forward to a long and enjoyable business relationship with our clients and friends.

We are not here for the short term.
We are here for the long term... and delighted to be here.
Helping as many people as we can.

Wishing everyone health, happiness and prosperity.
Client Support
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B of Pflugerville
Pflugerville, TX

It was truly an awesome experience doing business with Diversified Realty, Mr.Hunter gave me his assurance  that  the property will be sold, and it was done . time frame was exceptional. Thanks again for the help from an amazing company.


Titusville, FL

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